Captain Teniya Morelli has over 30 years experience fishing and guiding in the Pacific Northwest. Raised on the remote islands of Southeast Alaska fishing was a necessary part of his families subsistent way of life. Over the years Teniya has worked many trades including carpentry, mechanics, logging, wilderness guiding, farming, and as a touring musician. Through all of this, fishing has continued to be a cornerstone in his life. It’s his passion and it shows in every aspect of his work.


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Lynsie “Lou” Powers grew up camping, fishing and hunting in the North Idaho Panhandle. She has a deep passion for the outdoors and all that is nature. After pursuing athletics in college and completing a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry, Lynsie moved to New Zealand for a time to explore and learn. Back in the states was a time of constant change and moving about the country utilizing her science background and love for animals. First California working for the U.S. Navy in the Marine Mammal Program training Sea Lions and Dolphins to find mines and bombs underwater. Next to Florida working with a large animal Veterinarian; to Virginia working with the Virginia Beach Aquarium as part of the Marine Animal Stranding Response Team, as well as for the non-profit organ donation company LifeNet Health. Though the time was memorable, the Pacific Northwest called her home to the mountains and trails of Idaho and eventually back to her family roots in Wrangell!